Tree Surgery

A trusted tree surgeon in Coalville

If you are looking for the local expert in hazardous tree felling, you have come to the right place. 
At Inspire Landscape Design and Construction, I offer a range of tree surgery services.

Professional tree surgery by the local specialist

As an experienced tree surgeon, I with you every step of the way. From hazardous tree felling to stump grinding, I offer a variety of tree surgery services. You can depend on me to assess the damage caused by any diseased or hazardous tree and then remove it. 

Before felling a tree, I will establish the extent to which it poses a danger or an inconvenience to your home, your neighbours’ homes, or to your family and the general public. Give me a call today for more information about my services.
Tree services

Tree services I offer

My tree surgery services include:
  • Stump grinding 
  • Crown thinning 
  • Dead branch removal 
  • Tree felling and much more 
A tree surgeon

A responsible tree surgeon

If a tree is diseased or has suffered structural damage, it can become hazardous. From sectional dismantling to whole tree felling and many other tree care services, I do it all. 

You can rely on me  to work with you and ensure that your garden looks beautiful all year round.
Call the tree surgeon at Inspire Landscape Design and Construction in Coalville, on 
07885 263 732 or 01530 838 370

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